After spending my early twenties serving what seemed like a life sentence in the corporate world, I found reprieve. I first dived the Great Barrier Reef in 2019 and never looked back. I knew instantly that my life's purpose was to be an ocean advocate. A protector. A warrior. My mission is to bring awareness of both the beauty and the issues of the ocean to surface. I want people to reconsider their relationship with nature and the underwater world and help support and protect this fragile ecosystem for future generations to love and appreciate as much as I do.


'If the ocean can change my life, who knows what it might do for you?'

My Adventurous Life 

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There is a feeling one gets aboard a vessel travelling to a new dive site that I never want to go away. It's the feeling of endless possibility. Who knows what you're going to find? That excitement is what defines me and I fear that feeling may disappear one day with the pressure our ocean ecosystems are under.


I have a vision that our oceans will recover. They will once thrive like they did before and future generations will find their happiness and direction that will help to define their lives and shape who they are, just like the ocean did for me. 



We live in social world with the power of spreading a message at our finger tips. I want to show people just how beautiful our oceans are and get through the important message as to just how crucial the ocean's role is in our lives. 

I want to support the ocean's survival by reinvesting all the profit I generate into Ocean Nonprofit organisations and all the hard work they do as well as supporting to raise awareness by my own ocean related projects.

I'm on a mission to repay the ocean back for all the happiness it has brought me. I owe who I am to the big blue.