Frame Information

It's not just the photo that's important, the frame that the photo sits in is a big part of the product. So let me help you understand what frames I use and why I use them. 

This information relates to the framed Option:
1 - Fine Art Paper in Traditional Classic Frame

W o o d e n  F r a m e s    
c o m e  I n: 

W h i t e 

B l a c k 

O a k 


The size of the frame will depend on the size of the image you choose. There are three types: 


1. Custom Prints
Print sizes greater than those available on website
(above 120cm x 80cm) will require the largest frame available due to the size and weight distribution. 

The dimensions of the frame:

Width 3cm
Depths 4.5cm


Images to be hung with metal hangers and attached to the wall.


2. Large Prints
Large prints are the following two dimensions:
120cm x 80cm
90cm x 60cm

The dimensions of the frame:
Depth 4cm
Width 2cm


Images are to be hung with metal hangers and attached to the wall. 


3. Medium Prints
Medium prints are the following three dimensions:
75cm x 50cm
60cm x 40cm
45cm x 30cm

The dimensions of the frame:

Width 2cm
Depths 2cm


Images are to be hung with O rings and string. 


You can see the size comparison of the frames side by side. The main reason I use these three frames is due to the weight distribution. Once an image gets bigger, it requires more glass (which is the heaviest part of the frame) and therefore it needs to be thicker to support this extra weight. I also hand selected these types of frames because I believe they complement the image and look modern and stylish. My personal favourite is the oak frame because that looks 'beachy' and brings out the vibrant colours in my images. 



Between the frame and the print I use a bright white matt board that has been cut according to the size of the image. The larger the image, the large the matt board. This helps to draw the viewer's attention into the photo.