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Byron Bay, Australia


Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey with renowned wildlife photographer Ross Long in the breathtaking coastal paradise of Byron Bay, Australia. Our exclusive humpback whale watching photography tours offer you the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of breaching whales against the backdrop of the Byron Hinterland at Golden Hour. This is a unique experience only availability to guests onboard this tour. 

The Benefits

  • Expert photography guidance from professional wildlife photographer Ross Long
  • Education and awareness from marine naturalist Wild Byron
  • Access to prime photography locations at sunset
  • Opportunity to learn and improve photography skills
  • Intimate Group Size

The Experience

Unlike traditional whale watching tours, our photography-focused excursions are designed specifically for aspiring photographers who want to hone their skills while experiencing the beauty of nature up close. Witnessing the majestic breaching of humpback whales at sunset adds an extra layer of magic to this unforgettable adventure. We will be onboard with Wild Byron who have been running whale watching tours for over seven years. Skipper Glen is unmatched when it comes to locating whales and getting them in the best position for a one of kind photograph. 


Every winter, over 35,000 Humpback Whales migrate from Antarctica up the East Coast of Australia to mate and birth their calves in warm tropical waters. They choose the calm waters of Byron Bay as a resting ground. This brings the whales closer to shore which will result in beautiful interactions nestled between calm waters and the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland.

Byron Bay

A Whales Delight

The warm calm tropical waters of Byron Bay provides refuge for newborn humpback whales


This workshop caters for all levels. Maybe you're an aspiring wildlife photographer and wanting to improve your photography, this masterclass will provide you with the knowledge to become better equipped and more comfortable at using your camera. Or perhaps you're already comfortable with your camera and just want to practise your skills at photographing breaching whales with beautiful sunset light.

What Will you learn?

This immersive experience does not focus only on camera settings. It will provide you with practical mindset techniques to help you anticipate and maintain patience that are essential in capturing breathtaking wildlife photography. You will also learn all about humpback whales and other marine animals from an onboard marine naturalist.

What do you Need?

A camera and a telephoto lens will provide you with the best results. This is a focal length of anything between 100-600mm in length.
My recommendation would be a 70-200mm lens.


This is what you can expect from our sunset whale watching workshop

1:1 Tuition

I will sit with you to help assist and answer any questions you may have

Marine Naturalist

Our on board marine naturalist will educate you about the humpback whales we encounter

Whale Guarantee

There is no shortage of whales that grace the shores of Byron Bay

Intimate Group

We limit the size of our workshops so that we can provide an intimate experience

Tea and Biscuits

We will provide you with a refreshing hot beverage and cookies

Other animal encounters

We will not only encounter humpback whales, we will also encounter a large array of other animals including:


Sea Turtles


The day:

  • Meet at Wild Byron, Brunswick Heads at 11:45am;
  • 1 hour education session;
  • 15 minute Skipper briefing;
  • 1pm departure to capture an array of wildlife;
  • Return after sunset at 5pm.



Wild Byron are leaders in providing whale watching tours in and around Byron Bay with over seven years experience of observing whale behaviour.

Marine naturalists and researchers on-board will guide you through the cruise with in-depth knowledge of the whales and their behaviours, while listening to the Humpback Whale song via our underwater hydrophone.


Ross has photographed whales for a number of tourist boards and is equipped with the knowledge to best anticipate breaching whales.


Ross Long

A multi-award winning ocean, travel and lifestyle photographer and writer based in Byron Bay, Australia.  Ross is a tenacious visionary with big ideas and a passionate artist and conservationist who truly loves his work. His purpose is to evoke emotion and inspire people to set out on their own adventures.



Don't miss out on this unique experience. There are only 12 spots available!